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Cross Country | 2016 Season

History: Both the boys and girls Cross Country programs have built extremely strong programs over the years, traditionally ranking among the top teams in the state. Both teams have dominated the Los Padres league over the years. The boys have won 16 league championships in the last 21 years. The girls have been league champs numerous times including back to back league championships in 2005 and 2006. In addition, the girls have won CIF Championships in 1982, 1983, 1985, and 1993, and were runners-up in several other years. The girls have placed in the top five in the state six times since 1991. The boys brought home the CIF championship 93, 94, and 95, and placed 2nd in the state in those years.  Last year the Boys team again had a strong year finishing 3rd in the State Meet, first in the Los Padres League and first in San Luis Obispo County.  Two MBHS runners, Jennifer Lacovara ’91 and Isaiah Festa ’96 and ’97 have brought home individual state championships. Morro Bay has produced a number of fine individual athletes. 1991 graduate Jennifer Lacovara claimed individual CIF and State Championships and competed at Cal Poly.  Other Pirates who have been honored as CIF Champions include Dave Mitchell (1992, 1993, 1994) Isaiah Festa (1995, 1996, 1997). Several Morro Bay Pirates have continued their running careers at the collegiate level.

Summer Training: Summer workouts begin the week after school ends and are very important in terms of being ready to compete when school begins in the Fall.  The purpose of summer training is simply to build a distance base. There are several running program options based on a prospective runner’s previous experience. We encourage the incoming ninth grade runner to gradually build up his/her endurance, and individual programs will be worked out for each of the prospective athletes.

Season: The competitive season begins Saturday, September 12th with the annual Morro Bay Invitational. The top seven athletes run on the Varsity Team and everyone else competes on the unlimited number junior Varsity Team. NO ONE SITS ON THE BENCH! Cross country is the only sport in which every athlete competes in every contest on a full time basis. Everyone is a “starter” there are no “subs”!  The Varsity teams travel to compete in some of the finest races in the state.  The Junior Varsity runners complete their season after league finals in early November while the Varsity teams continue their quest for a state championship until the State Meet on Thanksgiving weekend.

Benefits:  Participating in Cross Country gives young people the opportunity to test themselves physically and mentally. It’s a great chance for personal growth. It is a sport in which a person does not have to be a great athlete in order to participate! Jennifer Lacovara and Dave Mitchell had never run a competitive step prior to entering MBHS. Both ended up with scholarships to Cal Poly. The scholarships and championships are nice, but they are far from being the reason that boys and girls may want to come out for Cross Country.  The vast majority of our athletes find that running becomes part of their lifestyle and continue to run long after they finish high school. The athletes develop strong bonds of friendship, learn the values of sportsmanship, and come out of the season with a sense of price and self-esteem.

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